Dr. Giovanni Dipierro

Position: Ph.D. Student10310957 10202479943058445 3474663515108624003 n
Phone: (+39) 02 503 17226
Research interests
  • Dynamics of accretion discs
  • Planet formation
Ph.D. project:

My Ph.D. project is focused on the investigation of the role of the disc self-gravity and disc-planet interactions in the dynamics of dust grains in protoplanetary discs.

Recent papers: 

Two mechanisms for dust gap opening in protoplanetary discsG. Dipierro, G. Laibe, D. J. Price & G. Lodato, eprint arXiv:1602.07457 (2016)
On planet formation in HL TauG. Dipierro, D. Price, G. Laibe, K. Hirsh, A. Cerioli & G. LodatoMNRASL 453, L73 (2015)
Dust trapping by spiral arms in gravitationally unstable protostellar discs
G. Dipierro, P. Pinilla, G. Lodato & L. Testi, MNRAS 451, 5493 (2015)
How to detect the signatures of self-gravitating circumstellar discs with the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter ArrayG. DipierroG. Lodato, L. Testi & I. de Gregorio Monsalvo, MNRAS 444, 1919 (2014)