Ms. Benedetta Veronesi

Position: Ph.D. Student    
fototesseraPhone: (+39) 02 503 17226


Research interests
  • Protoplanetary discs: dust-gas interaction, planet-disc interaction
  • Planet formation
  • Dynamics of accretion discs


Ph.D. project:

My Ph.D. project concerns the study of gas and dust dynamics in both non-self-gravitating and self-gravitating protoplanetary discs. Moreover, we want to investigate how a planet embedded in a disc interact with it. In particular, we want to put a constraint on the protoplanetary disc mass through the investigation of the behavior of the disc substructures (spirals, rings or horseshoes, originated by planet-disc interaction) by varying the coupling between the gas and the dust.

As a second aim, for the self-gravitating case, we want to study the dust trapping in spiral structures. Indeed, this mechanism could be a fundamental “catalyst” during the planetesimal formation process. 

This project will be developed by means of a theoretical/numerical approach, with a direct and continuous comparison with observational data collected mainly by the Atacama Large Millimetre/submillimetre Array (ALMA) and by the Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet REsearch (SPHERE) instrument at the Very Large Telescope (VLT). 

 Recent papers: 

Spin alignment and differential accretion in merging black hole binaries, D. Gerosa, B. Veronesi, G. Lodato, G. Rosotti, MNRAS 451, 3941-3954 (2015).

Enforcing dust mass conservation in 3D simulations of tightly-coupled grains with the Phantom SPH code, G. Ballabio, G. Dipierro, B. Veronesi, G. Lodato, M. Hutchinson, G. Laibe, D. J. Price, MNRAS (2018).

Planet Formation in the ALMA EraG. Lodato, B. Veronesi, M.G. Ubeira Gabellini, E. Ragusa, A. Franchini, G. Dipierro, H. Aly, D. J. Price, Toward a Science Campus in Milan. CDIP 2017. Springer, Cham (2018).