Elisabetta Carella is a second year PhD student in Cosmology at the Physics Dept “Aldo Pontremoli”, University of Milan.

She is currently working under the supervision of Dr Carmelita Carbone (INAF IASF – Milan) and Prof Luigi Guzzo on the creation of galaxy mock catalogues from large cosmological N-body simulations in the presence of massive neutrinos and dynamical dark energy (the so-called DEMNUni simulation suite).

She focuses on the connection between galaxies and dark matter substructures, and applies the so-called SubHalo Abundance Matching (SHAM) technique to populate dark matter halo catalogues with galaxies. This effort will improve the analysis of realistic large datasets from present and forthcoming galaxy surveys, as the ESA mission Euclid, especially in cosmological scenarios alternative to the vanilla LCDM model.