Mrunali Gaijan is a third year PhD student in Astrophysics at the Physics Dept “Aldo Pontremoli”, University of Milan. She is supervised by Dr. Carmelita Carbone (INAF-IASF Milano) and co-supervised by Prof. Luigi Guzzo (University of Milan).  

Her interests include Gravitational Waves (GWs), Early Universe cosmology,  and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe. Her PhD project concerns the reconstruction of the simulated maps of the observed stochastic GW background of astrophysical origin, lensed by intervening cosmological large scale structures. On one hand, this analysis is very important in order to extract cosmological information from the cross-correlation of such GW backgrounds with standard cosmological probes such as shear maps and galaxy distributions. On the other hand, understanding and modelling the impact of weak-lensing on GW backgrounds can allow us to delens them and obtain cleaner and more accurate information about the emitted signal and the nature of its astrophysical sources.