Position: Associate Professor
Phone: (+39) 02 503 17275
e-mail: davide.maino@mi.infn.it

Research Interests

  1. Observational Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation and Large Scale Structure (LSS)
  2. Data Analysis & Simulations
  3. Theoretical Cosmology and Inflation

Projects & Collaborations

I was a member of the ESA Planck collaboration with the role of coordinating part of analysis pipeline (from time-ordered data to calibrated sky maps) of the Low Frequency Instrument. I’m currently Co-Lead and Scientific Coordinator of the italian Science Data Center (SDC-IT) of the ESA Euclid project for mapping the LSS with a spectro-photometric all-sky survey. I’m part of the LSPE-STRIP (ASI) project and member of the Systematic Working Group of the LiteBIRD (JAXA) project.