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I am assistant professor in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Milan since 2021, after a PhD at the IoA in Cambridge, a MPE postdoctoral position, and an ESO Fellowship in Garching.

My research focuses on chacterizing the physical and chemical conditions of planet formation in protoplanetary disks, and unveil the presence of embedded protoplanets. With a background in hydrodynamics and thermo-chemical models, I currently have a lot of fun with data reduction and analysis, mostly in the sub-mm. In particular, I am co-PI of the exoALMA Large Program, aimed at hunting for young planets while they are still evolving in their disk, and PI of a JWST program to directly image embedded protoplanets.

Research Interests

Planet formation


Protoplanetary disks

Facilities: ALMA, JWST, VLT, VLA