Position: Associate Professor
Phone: (+39) 02 503 17449
e-mail: giuseppe.lodato@unimi.it
Details about my teaching can be found HERE.

Research interests

  1. Protostellar discs and planet formation
  2. Formation and growth of supermassive black holes
  3. Dynamics of accretion discs

More details about my research interests can be found on my Research page


I am the Coordinator of the MSCA-RISE project Dustbusters, dedicated to the study of dust and gas in planet forming discs.  

My group

I lead the group on accretion phenomena and planet formation at the University of Milano. Current members of the group are:

Claudia Toci – Post-Doc
Martina Toscani – PhD student
Cristiano Longarini – PhD student
Simone Ceppi – PhD student
Pietro Curone – PhD student

Previous members include:

Maria Giulia Ubeira Gabellini – PhD student, now working in the industry
Benedetta Veronesi – PhD student, now at ENS, Lyon
Hossam Aly – Post-doc, now at ENS, Lyon
Enrico Ragusa – PhD student, not at ENS, Lyon
Alessia Franchini – PhD student, now at University of Milan, Bicocca
Giovanni Dipierro, PhD student, now working in the industry