Emanuele Castorina is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Milan, which he joined in 2020.

He received his PhD in AstroParticle Physics in 2015 at SISSA under the supervision of Ravi Sheth and Emiliano Sefusatti.

Prior to joining UniMi he was a research fellow at the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics and at the CERN-Theory Department.

contact: [my first name dot last name] [at] [unimi] [dot] [it]

Research Interests

I’m a theorist and phenomenologist working on Cosmology. My main focus is on extracting information about the fundamental properties of the Universe using Large Scale Structure and CMB data.

More recently, my research has focused on the study of the possible signatures that Primordial Non Guassianities, generated during inflation, and Dark Matter models, beyond the standard cold dark matter scenario, would leave in the distribution of galaxies at late times, and in developing the necessary tools to constrain these models using data.

A complete list of my publications can be found at https://inspirehep.net/authors/1763606 .