Giacomo Riva is a first-year Ph.D. student. He is supervised by Dr. Simona Ghizzardi (INAF – IASF Milano) and co-supervised by Prof. Claudio Grillo (University of Milan) and Dr. Mariachiara Rossetti (INAF – IASF Milano).

His research focuses on the study of galaxy clusters in the X-rays, in order to investigate the properties of the so called Intra-Cluster Medium (ICM), i.e. the diffuse and extremely hot plasma that permeates the space between the galaxies of a cluster. He mainly focuses on its metal abundance distribution, that is a key observable to understand the chemical enrichment of the Universe.

He is an INAF member, part of the galaxy cluster group led by Dr. Silvano Molendi (INAF – IASF Milano).