Simone Paradiso is a post-doc.

As a PhD student, he was supervised by Prof. Davide Maino and co-supervised by Doct. Loris Colombo.

His research topic is Cosmology, with a focus on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). His research activity is devoted to CMB data analysis, Likelihood implementation in order to extract information about the cosmological model and use of CMB data to study the reionisation history of the Universe.

As part of the BeyondPlanck (EU Horizon2020) collaboration, he worked on implementing a Bayesian end-to-end framework to analyse CMB data from the EU mission Planck. He is currently part of the LSPE-STRIP project (ASI), a ground base experiment which will observe the microwave sky from Tenerife, with a focus on the polarised CMB emission.